EnGenius EP-802H Дополнительная трубка


EP-802H  — это дополнительная радиотрубка для промышленного телефона  EnGenius EP-802 . Трубку очень просто регистрировать и устанавливать. После того как вы настроили EP-802H, Вы можете установить трубку в любом месте,где требуется получить быстрый доступ к телефону. 



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The EnGenius FreeStyl 2 Handset is a 900 MHz Cordless Phone with extreme range for use with a FreeStyl 2 Base Station. It's ideal for businesses with employees who roam beyond the confines of their offices or cubicles; or for expansive properties (farms, ranches, resorts, luxury estates) so owners or staff can stay connected over extended distances.

Going Where DECT and Wi-Fi Phones Cannot Go
The FreeStyl 2 Phone System in many cases is a complimentary addition to an existing digital desk phone systems, DECT phone systems and Wi-Fi phone systems. It can connect to both digital and analog PBX systems and provides companies or homeowners a solution that provides connectivity far beyond DECT or Wi-Fi phones particular on properties where outdoor Wi-Fi is unavailable or not an option.

A Scalable Solution
Individual FreeStyl 2 Handsets are available for purchase from EnGenius authorized resellers so users can continue to add to their system. Each FreeStyl 2 base station supports up to 9 individual FreeStyl 2 handsets. Each handset includes its own charging station.

Technical Specifications 
 Electrical Specifications  Frequency: 902-928 MHz
RF Power: Peak - 26 dBm ; Average - 20 dBm
Channel Spacing: 101 kHz
Number of Channels: 252
Modulation: Differently Encoded MSK

Multiple Access: Frequency Hopping TDD
Frequency Hopping Rate: 100 per second
TDMA Frame Length: 10 ms
Number of Slots/Frame: 4

Receiver Sensitivity: <-111 dBm (@BER 0.01)
Antenna Connector: Non-Standard
Antenna Gain: 2.5 dBi (Long) ; 1.5 dBi (Short)

Speech Coding: 8 kbps G.729A
Transmission Data Rate: 85.333 kbps
User Data Rate: 64 kbps duplex
Duplex: Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Voice Quality: TIA/EIA-470B
No. of System ID: 65,536

 Features & Functionality 
 Available Transmit Power Single Line
Operation Frequency: 902~928 MHz
Up to 400mW/-111dBm transmit power
Phone Book: 50 entries
Soft Menu Key
H/S Speakerphone
User friendly MMI
Key Guard
Transmit Power Control
3 Typer Call Logs
4-Line LCD Display
Call on Hold
Rapid Charging
Call Manager
Any Key Answer
Feature Call: 10
Adjustable Flash Time
2.5mm Headset Jack
Ringer / Vibrator 
 Environmental & Physical 
Temperature Range  Operating: 14 ~ 140ºF
Storage: -40 ~ 158ºF 
 Humidity  Operating: 20 ~ 75% 
 Regulation Compliance  FCC Part 15, Part 68 
 Package Contents FreeStyl 2 Handset
5VDC/1A, AC100~240V Power Adapter
Battery Pack
Quick Installation Guide 
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